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Your Building Deserves Our Expertise

We take care of people by being good at what we do. Our business is not just about testing and inspection services, but about looking out for people by knowing a building and the way it performs. It’s about identifying what’s happening so that we can know what’s coming, and it’s about understanding what needs to be done so that investments and people are safe.

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Your advocate for the integrity of your buildings

Through testing and inspection, we’re here as an advocate for the integrity of buildings and the protection of our customers' interests. We perform nearly every kind of AAMA and ASTM testing regarding water penetration and air infiltration.

We're your ally before, when, and after you buy

Having the right team makes all the difference. When it comes to building investigation, testing, and inspections, who is on your team? Factor has partnered with many businesses as their ally in the quest for truth and accurate findings. Past Projects Include:

  • Sports Stadiums
  • Historic Churches
  • State Capitol Buildings
  • Governmental Buildings
  • Multiple Commercial and Residential Buildings
  • Spiritual Buildings

We care about buildings. And People.

Doing great work is something we hang our hat on. But honestly, the reason our business is growing is the fact that we care so deeply about working with people and giving them an experience they've never had when it comes to their building inspections and investigation.

Relationships + Trust

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Longevity + Predictability

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Speed + Results

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