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We take care of people by being good at what we do. At Factor, it is not just about testing and inspection services, but about looking out for people by knowing a building, the materials being used, and the way it performs. It’s about identifying what’s happening so that we can know what’s coming, and it’s about understanding what needs to be done so that investments and people are safe.

AAMA 503

Field Testing of Newly Installed Storefronts, Curtain Walls and Sloped Glazing Systems to ensure air and moisture penetration is minimized in newly installed fenestration systems.

This testing is based on guidelines established by ASTM International (formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials). AAMA 503 specifies that testing shall be performed soon after the glazing system is installed and prior to the installation of drywall/interior finishes.

AAMA 501.2

Quality Assurance and Diagnostic Water Leakage Field Check of Installed Storefronts, Curtain Walls and Sloped Glazing Systems is designed to aid in the water-tight testing of large glass areas meant to be permanently closed, such as store fronts, curtain walls, and sloped glazing systems.

This testing is normally performed over an area of 100 square ft and includes the edge of a glass surface where the frame is horizontal, vertical, or intersecting. It is best to perform this test while the interior walls are unfinished so any moisture is visible during the test and amendments can be made before the building is completed.

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"I have had Factor test many windows on commercial projects for air and water infiltration. He is very professional and works well with the Architects and Job Superintendents. I will for sure use him on my next project."
Brad Ramberg, Superior Glass, Inc.

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